DGI offers a variety of services aimed at promoting style, flow, and harmony in a space. From rearranging existing items to creating new, original designs customized for our clients, DGI has the skills and experience to fulfill all your design needs. 


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Interior Design


Planning and implementing your project detail by detail, room by room

Initial meetings are conducted to determine the clients needs and preferences. We discuss functionality, lifestyle, purpose, etc. Based on these meetings we then choose a style and color palette to enhance the architectural elements of a space and select appropriate furniture, lighting, window treatment and artwork. 


Remodeling and Redesign of Current Spaces

Want to start from scratch? We can help. From selecting tiles in your bathroom to choosing the perfect flooring in your kitchen, save time and money by doing it right the first time. Trust every phase of your design needs to our experienced designers who work closely with contractors to deliver quality and style. 


Custom Furniture Design and Ordering 

Having trouble finding the right sofa? For higher quality upholstery at similar price points, custom furniture can be a great option. You select the style and fabric, DGI designs the exact size and proportions. Next, our talented local upholsterer will have you sitting in style for years to come. 


Color Consultation 

Choosing the right paint color can be extremely daunting for many people. Our designers will lend a professional eye to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and achieve the exact look you were hoping for. 

Interior Scaping


Do you have a great space but have no idea what to do with it? Do you want to keep your existing furniture but need an overall solution for how to arrange it? Let DGI breathe new life into your space. 


The correct placement of furniture and accessories creates a movement in the flow of energy. When the natural flow is brought back to a room, the space is more supportive towards its inhabitants. 


When furniture is arranged in harmony with a room, a heaviness is lifted. We compare this heaviness to a dark film. Just as a dirty camera lens can be cleaned, so can the disfunction of a space. This disfunction dissipates as our designers rearrange a house. Once it's gone, life comes back to the space and to the people who use it. 


If you want a fresh look for your home or office without making major purchases, let DGI rearrange your furniture, artwork and personal items to create an environment of harmony and style. You'll be amazed at the difference. 


Space Cleaning & Organizing


Have you ever been in a location or space that gives you the creeps or, conversely, a space where you walk in and words like "warm and inviting," "cozy," "energetic," or "peaceful" come to mind? If so, you are sensitive to the energy of a space. We all have this sensitivity, but some of us are more tapped into the feeling of space than others. 


If a space feels crowded, clustered, or cramped, outdated, or just needs a change, consider cleaning out the old energy to make room for the new. This can be done through clearing and organizing. 


Let DGI work with you to add flow and function to your space. With respect for you and your organizing style, we work together to achieve your goals. Through an indivudual assessment, DGI will determine where you are in the organizing stage and go forward from there. Together we'll rejuvinate your room and give you some great ideas for maintaining a clear, clean, and crisp enviroment in your day to day life. 


We look forward to working with you on your next design project!

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